BYOND Collection


We have revolutionized visualization by enabling dynamic chart creation and collaboration. Users will have a seamless way to create charts and reports and share with a group of friends. Because of our template based visualization infrastructure, admins can control what sorts of charts can appear in every group or team.

Our Python-based platform is multiprocessor, multithreaded and multi-worker enabled. We natively support MongoDB and MySQL.

As a Data Scientist you can bring any analytics solutions to production quickly and efficiently without spending insane amount of time in Software infrastructure, such as multiprocessing, task scheduling and background processing. We have a set of ready-made analytics solutions, such as forecasting, classification and failure prediction.

We have a truly flexible data collection system that can gather data from various sources. Our collection systems are not only multiprocessor and multithreaded but also multi-worker supported. So, you can scale vertically and horizontally. We support REST, SNMP, File and Command Collections.

IT infrastructure has be monitored reliably and in real-time. BYOND Monitoring, combined with Collection, provides a flexible solution for real-time reporting and visualization. We have in-built syslog monitoring.